‘I was actually blown away by how close to reality they made it’

‘In an artificial park you can take away that whole weather element’

The above statements were made by one of the world’s foremost experts in extreme sports, whose testimony is featured in our team’s documentary film.

Our team has been in development of a new concept park to be open in late 2015 in one of the most economically dynamic markets in the world.

The concept park our team is developing centers on immersive experiences and attractions that break away from those offered at traditional theme parks and amusement parks. The new concept park is centered on redirecting the in-park guest experience from passive to active participation.

The concept park is a branded regional destination entertainment attraction designed and programmed to meet the lifestyle demands of the regional market.

Our team is in development of a lifestyle oriented concept park with proven year round guest appeal and operational viability. The park is centered on an artificial snow surface that replicates the properties of real snow for snowskiing and snowboarding.
Early on in the formation of the concept park, our team worked to ensure the park would be uniquely different, better, and far more profitable than any other manmade snowsport development done in the world to date.

You can see examples of existing facilities in the pictures that illustrate the artificial snow surface.

Our development seeks to capitalize on the market knowledge gained from multiple manmade adventure sport attractions located all over the world, and make vast improvements to these developments, taking the guest experience to new, never before seen, highs. Our development will be the only place in the regional market where people can come to participate in snowsports, among other new and innovative extreme sport offerings.

This is the second of five articles to be sequentially released in this newsletter through the end of the year. Each forthcoming article will contain new details related to the attractions and experiences offered in the park as well as park brand.
In the next three articles I will elaborate on additional details regarding the attractions and the guest experiences offered in the park.

Energetic, Enthusiastic and Fun Regards,
The Team