Ghana is a small tropical West African country that dazzles tourists with its rich traditional culture, stunning beaches, tropical jungles, African fauna and one of the largest artificial lakes in the world. It is becoming a popular tourist destination, receiving an increasing number of European and North American tourists. Between 2007 and 2011, the number of tourists grew by nearly 50%, however maybe the figure of greater importance is the rapid and unstoppable growth of the country’s inhabitants’ living standards.

That is why both official policies and private initiatives are being increasingly focused towards the creation of quality tourist and leisure facilities in the African country.

In previous Newsletters we have informed readers of Amusement Logic’s successes on the African continent and today we can announce the start of the development works of Ghana’s first waterpark. As in any project, to be the first means to play with an advantage, but it also demands great responsibility, for those who come after will have to consciously or unconsciously pay attention to the development experience of such a massive project, in a country that is taking its first steps as an international tourist destination.

In this context, Amusement Logic’s commitment is to develop a complex that is modern, attractive and pleasing to visitors and profitable for its investors. A project that has the most advanced equipment and most modern aquatic-leisure attractions that will captivate visitors, making them return time and time again to enjoy a fun, safe and natural space.

Combining the most modern elements with the typical setting of the country’s rich culture, Ghana’s first waterpark is destined to become one of the most important tourist attractions, both for foreign visitors as well as the local population.

We are greatly appreciative to our clients for trusting in our company and we are sure that our great experience and our developed creativity will enable us to achieve the objectives presented by this emblematic project.