Amusement Logic and the network of high-end campsites Yelloh! Village, have signed an exclusive partnership agreement to collaborate in the development of multiaction pools and theming projects, for the group’s aqua-leisure spaces, in all the camping-villages of the Yelloh! Village network that are spread throughout all of France, Portugal and Spain.

Yelloh! Village has placed their trust in us and has given us the opportunity to develop various flagship projects during recent years, such as the multiaction leisure pools of Le Brasilia, Village Club Farret and Les Flamants Roses campsites, with results that have garnered wide recognition and which have contributed to their customers’ satisfaction.

yelloh village3

The symbiosis between both companies has existed from the start, as their philosophy prioritizes values such as quality and innovation. As such, Yelloh! Village considers the aqua-leisure space of all its campsites to be true added value within the holiday experience it offers. For this reason, it values the approach that Amusement Logic applies to each of its projects, based on originality of the creative and innovative concept to be developed. For this we rely on the opinion of Yelloh! Village throughout the design phase; a permanent dialogue that through the exchanging of ideas, aims to create the leisure pool project that best represents the spirit of each camping-village, as each one has its original features that make it unique.

Furthermore, in order to construct these turnkey projects and optimise them from an operational standpoint, we make all our expertise available to Yelloh! Village, allowing them as such to meet their clients’ expectations. As, after all, the objective of Yelloh! Village and Amusement Logic is none other than to create spaces of wellbeing, in which all members of the family can enjoy themselves and find their place.