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“Eureka!”, we could exclaim like Archimedes when he discovered the physics principle, according to which a body totally or partially immersed in a fluid at rest experiences a vertical upward thrust equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces. After all, that is precisely what happens with this new attraction that we’re presenting; elements partially submerged in a fluid, water in this case, which displaces them and receives from it a sufficient upward thrust to remain afloat. We have called it Water Balance and it is ideal for swimming pools in hotels or resorts, campsites and water parks.

Because who hasn’t tried in their childhood, and even in their youth, to balance on an inflatable lilo (which, by the way, also floats according to Archimedes’ principle)? Well, that’s the basic idea for children and teenagers to have fun with Water Balance; to balance, climb, slide, crawl, jump, lie down, walk, sit, caper, hop, gambol … we’ll leave the choice of verb up to your imagination!

There are no limits to the shapes and colours we’ve given the elements of Water Balance. Imagine the letters of the name of a hotel or resort or campsite, turned into floating islands in the middle of the pool. Imagine children playing, jumping around and having fun with them, imagine their laughter, their adventures. That’s what we mean. Water Balance is a principle, a formula, a law of physics, because from it we can give its floating elements, its islands, any shape imaginable.

We manufacture the Water Balance islands with our 3D-Tech system and anchor them to the bottom of the pool with straps and vertical perimeter nets for greater safety, in order to prevent users from getting underneath. Fixed in the most suitable place in the hotel or resort pool, campsite or water park, the Water Balance islands take advantage of Archimedes’ law to allow children and youngsters to test their psychomotor skills and strengthen their balancing skills. Eureka!