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Protecting large spaces from the sun is an architectural problem that often requires large investments for its solution and rigid systems whose installation cannot be reversed. Amusement Logic, always attentive to providing practical and flexible solutions and with perfectly affordable costs, has created a new modular system to project shade: Tubular Shade. Designed for car parks and other areas in leisure parks, whether water parks, theme parks or others, as well as hotels, resorts and campsites, this system can also be adapted to other types of urban developments.

The original module of the system consists of a lightweight structure supporting a 24 m2 horizontal canvas roof. On two galvanised steel columns that form a semicircular arch at the top, the canvas is secured to the arch at its ends, with braces of the same material. It requires a footing to fix it to the ground, to be calculated according to the wind conditions in each case. Its adjustment to the shape of a semicircular arch gives the canvas an extra rigidity factor.

It is also a removable system, which is easy and practical to install and remove by bolting. Once dismantled for storage and preservation, it takes up very little space. The iteration of the basic module, both in longitudinal and transverse arrangement, allows Tubular Shade to adapt to the varying extensions of the areas requiring sun protection. Finally, different colours are available for both the canvas cover and the supporting columns. Tubular Shade is certainly a practical, flexible and affordable system, but it also offers high aesthetic value as it is light and elegant, almost as if it were a large bird about to take majestic flight.