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Flowers are a decorative element par excellence. Whether they’re natural or printed on all kinds of surfaces, they are generally associated with the idea of healthy joy, beauty and also with everyday life. In this edition, we’re bringing a similar concept to add to swimming pools, water parks, SplashPads and in general, to any water attraction. It’s a decorative, but also active element; the SplashFlower.

The general appearance of the SplashFlower is that of a flower with giant petals. These petals are distributed as a corolla around the central assembly, which acts as a calyx, to form the full flower. The petals are made of GRP, whilst the structure is metallic. Different shaped petals will result in the identification of the system with different flowers.

The functioning of the whole element is similar and responds to the same principles as the tipping bucket present in our WaterParty series. In the SplashFlower, the bucket takes the shape of a giant petal and multiplies. The petals are filled with water by means of upper overflows, staggered in height. When the petals are full, they pivot and discharge the water. The successive filling and the opposite discharge of the giant petals, produce the effect of a circular and iterative movement in the flower.

Users stood around their base, must be attentive to the petals to know which will be the next to discharge, or be surprised by an unexpected and refreshing shower. The SplashFlower is a fun, spectacular and very decorative installation. It will enliven swimming pools, SplashPads and other aquatic facilities.