Published On: 18.02.2020|Categories: New Products|Tags: |

We’re presenting a new concept to complement large areas of water in aquatic facilities for adults: artificial floating islands, Sandbank. Constructed using our 3DTech system, they are large, floating units that can be personalised and to which large leaves can be added as shades.

These are elements with great design variability, so that their shape and silhouette is the most appropriate for each environment and location and for meeting the client’s wishes and each project’s needs. On the other hand, being mobile and unit elements, they allow great versatility when deciding their number and location in a swimming pool, from a single island to a large archipelago.

On the other hand, it expands the possibilities offered by aquatic facilities for action. Climb onto the SandBank, jump into the water, lie in the shade of the large leaves, sunbathe alone or in good company, let yourself go and relax with the gentle movement with which the water rocks the island… Finally, our 3DTech method is capable of facilitating ergonomic designs that guarantee user comfort.