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The wisdom of nature inspires us for this new product. It’s a system of parasols designed like the shape of the flowers of the Convolvulus genus, better known as morning-glory flowers. Designed for iterative installation, the union of the different units of the Pop-Up Shade allow large surfaces to be completely covered in landscaped areas of parks and promenades, urbanizations, hotels and resorts. Their slender design and plant-based inspiration, as well as the fact that they can be manufactured in a multitude of colours, makes the parasols a landscape element of similar beauty to flowerbeds and floral bushes. Under its vaulted protection, the Pop-Up Shade system produces an idea of almost fantastical elegance in user perception.

Their operation is the opposite of that of umbrellas or conventional parasols. The petals of the shades are lowered from the central pole, held in place by fine cables. In this way they are blocked by the tension of the canvas in the open position. Instead of displacing the rainwater to the outside, as is the case with umbrellas, these shades concentrate and collect it, and it then falls by gravity down through the central pole. A programmable motorised mechanism enables the unit to produce smooth opening and closing movements, independent for each unit, in a variable and unique scenic effect.

The central post is made of steel and held in place by a calculated footing. The canvas is made of PVC, whilst the pole lining and the ribs of the covers are made of GRP. The distance between posts is 6 m. This new system, which we call Pop-Up Shade, in addition to providing shade, due to its beauty, chromatic possibilities and programmable mechanism, will provide added value to the garden areas of parks, promenades, housing estates, hotels and resorts where it is installed.