Published On: 10.05.2022|Categories: New Products|

Children’s play areas, in addition to providing fun and entertainment for children, also seek to develop their psychomotor skills through physical activity and interaction with the outside world. This is the idea behind PlaySquare, a proposal for an outdoor world adapted to kids, a playground design based on shapes, topography and textures. PlaySquare is a scenario in which the little ones develop through multiple interrelated activities.

PlaySquare presents a spatial design with an open character, like a meeting place, with no formal separation between physical and visual limits. PlaySquare’s open character means that nature becomes part of the playground as an active agent, the only physical limit of the space, rather than a backdrop. All in all, PlaySaquare claims a space of its own, unique within the urban fabric.

By Belén Jiménez, designer in Amusement Logic’s Design Dept.