Published On: 09.06.2022|Categories: New Products|

Amusement Logic presents a new modular playground design, in accordance with the style that characterises its long experience in this type of attractions: a wide palette of bright colours and striking shapes with great potential for action and play. Through these modules formed by staggered blocks, dry slides and other play elements, the playground adapts to any size and space. It is a set of children’s activities suitable for public parks, hotels and resorts, campsites, shopping centres and other places of leisure, tourism and entertainment.

Thanks to its modularity, the playground can adopt the desired scale, and its construction is carried out through prefabrication and assembly at its destination, quickly and efficiently. The versatility of its design makes it possible to create open spaces, with greater visibility, for parents to keep an eye on them, or more enclosed for a space in which the little ones can find greater privacy and give free rein to their imagination. Ideal for hotels and resorts, campsites, shopping centres, public parks and many other places.

By Julia Rosado, designer in Amusement Logic’s Design Dept.