Published On: 16.06.2020|Categories: New Products|

At this time of year, the sun’s rays begin to grow stronger. Shading systems become essential for  users and pedestrians to comfortably enjoy plazas in cities or urban developments, as well as recreational areas in parks and swimming pools. To this end, we’re introducing the Magic Palm Shade system.

The Magic Palm Shades’ design responds to the development of street-furniture elements that are integrated into garden areas, or which can provide a touch of colour and natural appearance to all kinds of facilities. But, beyond utility and beauty, the Magic Palm Shades represent a differentiating factor. It is also a somewhat special system due to the way in which the shades are operated.

Indeed, the Magic Palm Shades are retractable umbrellas, with an internal mechanism that uses guide rails to fold and unfold the large shade-casting canvas surface. In order for this extension to open without wrinkles, the canvas is ribbed with carbon-fibre rods. Its mechanism is electrically powered, making it easy and quick to operate. This design makes the Magic Palm Shade adaptable to weather conditions, as well as day and night, by means of sensors, with the possibility of use in various positions. Also, the fact they are retractable facilitates their maintenance and storage out of season.

Another of our system’s potential benefits is the possibility to combine it with different lighting alternatives. As they are electric shades, various solutions can be implemented, both for indirect lights towards the canvas, and for their use as a lamppost.

The original design of this new shade system is inspired by the opening of a fan, and also by the organic way in which plant leaves unfurl. Undoubtedly, they will become a landmark wherever they are located, be it an urban or leisure environment, a highly decorative object, in addition to being practical, that will surprise passers-by and users.