Published On: 25.08.2020|Categories: New Products|Tags: |

Large areas of shade for different applications, this is the basic concept from which we started to create the design we’re presenting. To give the structure versatility, we made it modular, so it can be adapted to different spaces. This is the Fraktal Shade, a solar protection system suitable for parking areas or walking zones, spaces dedicated to restaurants, hotels, resorts, squares and other places in the urban or vacation ecosystem.

The Fraktal Shade consists of a self-supporting system moulded in GRP, deconstructed into pieces that can be assembled, horizontally developed, scaled and configured. Its integrating modules can be arranged in a line, either in singular or parallel assembly, with as many lines as necessary, in zigzag, or in a combination of both. The GRP parts are suitable for mass production, which makes it an easy-to-produce and affordable unit for installation on large areas of land.

Due to its design and configuration, the Fraktal Shade also has the means for draining off rainwater, or for its collection, storage and reuse. Through the central support column, the water is channelled towards the bottom, to take it to the tanks installed for this purpose, or to carry it to a general drainage area.

From its lower part, our Fraktal Shade offers unique views of vaults and monumental-looking elliptical arches. In the screw joints of the different composite pieces, RGB LED lighting lines can be installed for various night effects, which will undoubtedly enhance its marked cathedral character.