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The earliest historical reference to a fountain is found on a krater dated to the middle of the 4th century BC and attributed to the Italiotes (a pre-Roman people who lived on the Italian peninsula). This was a simple and functional fountain, a concave basin on a fluted column with a double circular base. In fact, during the first centuries of their history, fountains had a practical function. Placed in the centre of village squares, they were used to provide water for livestock and the townspeople and they were also were places for the inhabitants to gather. However, in the Middle Ages, Islamic culture brought them to the interior of palaces, gardens, courtyards and mosques, and in addition to their practical function, gave them another aesthetic, decorative and landscaping function. A paradigm of these is the Fountain of the Lions in the Alhambra in Granada. In the centuries to come, the trend expanded and reached its peak, perhaps, with the 18th century Trevi Fountain in Rome. At the end of the 20th century, however, another type of fountain appeared, generally in shopping centres, whose main character is recreational. Amusement Logic joins this trend and, without renouncing the aesthetic and landscape elements, adds a play component to fountains. The result is the Fountain Splash Pad.

Fountain Splash Pad is a ground-level fountain, easily accessible and scalable in complexity. The variety of motifs for the design of its surface, the multiple possible arrangements for its jets and an inexhaustible polychromy, allow for infinity of combinations, so that no two Fountain Splash Pads will ever be the same. Without losing its landscaping aspect, provided by the pattern of the water coming out of the jets and the design of its base, Fountain Splash Pad is an installation for entertainment and fun. Adults, teenagers and children, including people with functional diversity, can bathe in a different way, move around the jets or get wet, sit, walk, lie down… Or simply let themselves be carried away by the sound of the water.

In terms of equipment, Fountain Splash Pads can be built with a hard, non-slip floor or with a padded floor, with programmable and/or interactive jets, and these can be combined with lights and/or image projection. They can accommodate almost any desire and location. In this sense, they can offer an unrivalled brand image, reproducing any logo or corporate image on its floor. At the same time, installation can be easily renewed, with small changes to its base. Fountain Splash Pad is an affordable and easy-to-build installation, given its simplicity from the outset. In combination with our Splash Pads or our WaterParty interactive games, or as an added experience in water parks, in shopping mall plazas, on campsites or in hotels and resorts, Fountain Splash Pad will undoubtedly be an unforgettable attraction for a universal audience.

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