Published On: 12.11.2019|Categories: New Products|

Designed to protect the guests of parks, swimming pools and other water attractions from solar radiation, Flamingo is a slender and elegant-looking sunshade system, easily installed in suitable areas, facilitating users’ rest and satisfaction.

Manufactured with canvas and carbon fibre, Flamingo is a set of self-supporting tensile shades, which offer multiple combination possibilities, whose ultra-light covers are formed by bidirectional tensioning, using pultruded GRP plates and a carbon fibre rod on the canvas’ perimeter. This is sewn with specific pattern and is available in multiple colours or with digital printing. Each of the system’s shades casts a shadow of 8 m2, and its position with respect to the horizontal one, can be modified when needed, in three positions: one at 0º, another at 10º and another at 20º.

One of the great advantages of our shade-system’s design, is that it is perfectly adaptable to project and customer requirements. From an aesthetic point of view, the shades stand out for their lightness and subtlety, for their appearance of a butterfly or bird’s wing and we refer to Flamingo as a system that creates shade like a bird’s wing.