Clouds are a distinctive landscape element. We see them in films and great painters use them to add drama to their compositions, or to tint the light in their landscapes. We also see them as soon as we step outside into the fresh air. We see them give character to the day. They have this dual identity, as a natural element and as a compositional resource in images and paintings. In the first case, we cannot dominate them at will or exercise control over them. In the second, they are at the complete discretion of the artist. It is from this second perspective that we present this new design, a shading system inspired by the shape of clouds: Cloudy Shade.

Effectively, Cloudy Shade allows us to shape the landscape, project shade, or shade the light almost like artists. Either to our taste or, better still, to the convenience of the leisure and tourism facility of which it forms part, in other words, the outdoor area of the water park, theme park, campsite, hotel, resort or shopping centre of which it shapes the landscape. It is a biomimetic system or, more specifically, meteomimetic, which harmonizes with the nature it emulates. The modular character of Cloudy Shade, together with the ability to expand its coverage by means of repetition of its units, makes it a flexible and versatile system. The possibility of adapting the dimensions of its modules and combining colours according to the requirements of the project in which they are integrated, expands the creative possibilities of our landscape artist’s palette.

The Cloudy Shade clouds, supported by a thin, slender structure of lacquered stainless steel and composed of PVC canvas and elastic cords, create the impression that they levitate in the air, weightless, just like meteorological clouds. In addition, it comes to a system of a great simplicity and, therefore, cost limited. And all such without losing a point of convenience nor practical facility in your facility. Nor in their enjoyment, just as if we were to delight us with a beautiful sky adorned with clouds.