Published On: 17.11.2021|Categories: New Products|

Time seems to run faster when we spend it immersed in fun or highly entertaining activities. That is the capability of the game we present, a fantasy clock mechanism that instead of clocking the time of the youngest members of the family, by virtue of the fun it provides, it speeds it up. Large suspended coloured gears, combined with pendulum-like hanging spheres, add to its potential in an ensemble in which movement becomes the protagonist. It is the Clockwork Twister.

The children make the gears turn by pulling the ropes or by climbing on the spheres. The mechanism is set in motion. They soon see how the movement of one of the wheels drags the other wheels, and with them the children who share the game. First, one of the wheels takes over the others, then another, and so on in a carousel concept that becomes interactive. The children can play alone or share the activity in teamwork that requires coordination, communication and interaction. Time flies. The orbital movement is combined with the pendulum movement, or with the rotary movement, or with both, and new sensations are multiplied, both surprising and educational at the same time. Clockwork Twister is the model for children to begin to question, to understand the laws of kinematics.

Clockwork Twister is a tubular steel structure with a highly resistant axial bearing system. We manufacture the wheels and sprockets with our 3D-Tech technology. The central pillar is covered with 3D-Tech Soft and the floor is made of soft material to cushion contact and ensure safe play. We offer a wide range of possibilities and colour combinations. It is a play element suitable for children’s and therefore families’ leisure time in hotels and resorts, campsites or shopping centres. It can also be adapted to aquatic attractions and facilities, in Splash Pads, swimming pools or water parks, by incorporating vertical water jets.