Published On: 10.11.2016|Categories: General News|

The pace of technological advances nowadays, is picking up speed. The ideas appearing on the market are increasingly more innovative and ingenious. However, in spite of all our technological leaps, wood is still one of our most reliable construction materials, as it is resistant, durable, cheap and renewable. But now, scientists have taken it to another level altogether, by creating transparent wood.
A radical new way to make wood that is more resilient, as well as see-through, has been recently discovered. A transparent material that is biodegradable, resistant, with low density and low thermal conductivity. It could be a substitute for glass and improve interior lighting, allowing natural light to flow through walls, saving on artificial light. Compared with glass, this wood has better insulation from the cold and it keeps areas cooler when it is hot.
More and more architects and engineers are looking for ways to introduce more environmentally-friendly and sustainable construction materials into their designs. This new material will be launched on the market in a few years and it may very well revolutionise the architecture and construction industry.