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In further evidence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s strong commitment to tourism, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman recently announced a master plan to develop a new mountain tourism destination in the Al Soudah region. Located in the far southwest of the country, this region is home to its highest peak, Jabal Sawda, at an altitude of 3,015 m, around which the construction of this new resort for international tourism will take place. It is a project of the Soudah Development Company (SDC), a company founded in 2021 and owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), which is called Soudah Peaks.

The peak of Jabal Sawda and the surrounding area is already a popular place to enjoy the scenery, the mists that often envelop its valleys, the high mountains, the juniper-covered slopes… But the region also has “a unique culture and heritage with a rich tapestry of traditional folk music, art, poetry, fashion and food with distinctive customs and traditions practiced by the local communities“. In addition, “there are more than 200 documented heritage sites, from hamlets, mosques and minarets, to watchtowers and mountain forts“.

With a target audience of 2 million visitors per year by 2033, traditional local architecture will inspire the construction of six tourism development zones: Tahlal, Sahab, Sabrah, Jareen, Rijal and Red Rock. These six areas will include luxury hotels and resorts, residential villas, mansions, as well as leisure, commercial and other attractions dedicated to the enjoyment of the outdoors, sports, adventure, wellness and culture. In total, according to Arab News, SDC “will deliver 2,700 hotel keys, 1,336 residential units and 80,000 sqm of commercial space“. And all, as since the launch of the country’s strategic Vision 2030, of which Soudah Peaks is a part, to diversify the economy by expanding into the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries.

A detailed presentation of the project can be found here in this VIDEO.