Published On: 04.05.2017|Categories: General News|

The Middle East’s theme park boom continues advancing. A plan has been announced for the construction of an enormous recreational city in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which will include sports, cultural and recreational facilities, along with a safari and amusement park.

Saudi entertainment City

The city, which is affirmed to be the first of its kind in the world, will have an area of 334 km² – the size of Las Vegas – and building is forecast to start in 2018, with its doors opening in 2022. There are also plans to offer other activities and services such as sporting and motor racing competitions, together with restaurants and hotels. This project forms part of the “Vision 2030” plan, to diversify the country’s economy. The reform program has plans to move away from the oil economy and create employment for Saudi youngsters.

The Kingdom’s Public Investment Fund will be the project’s main investor, together with several local and international investors who will also provide capital. Mohamed Bin Salman, Deputy Crown Prince, who is also president of the chairman of the board of the Public Investment Fund, announced the launch of the project. He said the city will become, “a prominent cultural landmark and an important centre for meeting the future generation’s recreational, cultural and social needs in the kingdom.”