Published On: 09.11.2013|Categories: General News|

A different way of highlighting and giving added-value to a common urban element, such as a bridge or elevated pedestrian crossing.

The concept is based on the combination of lines of waterfalls that spill outwards and cover the structure, creating a new and highly refreshing landscaping element. Pedestrians can make their journey flanked by walls of water. From afar, the whole bridge is a spectacular silhouette of moving water. A different and visually stunning solution, which blends the refreshing and scenic virtues of public fountains, with the essential elevated accesses of spaces with pedestrian traffic.

The system can be implemented on any type of bridge, independent of its height and path width, thanks to our new exclusive system of sloped waterfalls. The solution can also be combined with shaded, themed or decorative elements, both for metropolitan urban areas as well as unique themed and leisure landscapes.