Published On: 24.01.2022|Categories: General News|

Construction work is nearing completion on a multifunctional leisure complex in Moscow’s business centre: Sensorium Hall. Based on the theme of time and in keeping with the city’s motto “Time is money”, the project combines a monumental building with a large public square in a single architectural complex. The architectural project was commissioned by the Moscow City-Center public company to the Fun Generation Ltd. architectural firm, and is being built according to the conceptual design by the integrated design company for residential, public and industrial structures and buildings, GORPROEKT. In the application of technological solutions for construction and the development of the sophisticated conceptual design, Fun Generation Ltd. has involved more than 200 Russian and international companies from countries such as the USA, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands amongst others.

With nine floors and an area of just over 38,000 m2, designed to accommodate up to 8,000 people, the main building of the architectural project, the Sensorium Hall, will be used for concerts, shows, exhibitions, theatrical performances, festivals and, in general, all kinds of large-scale public events. With a diameter of 64 m and a glass façade decorated with graphic motifs, numbers and time spirals, according to its theme, the Sensorium Hall has a round shape resembling that of a monumental clock. It is crowned by a translucent dome in the shape of a stylised clock face, which opens up to the sky by means of sophisticated high-tech mechanisms. This dial, moreover, will mark the hours by means of a luminous arrow running clockwise. The main entrance to the hall, also glazed, will offer a view of the escalators and their artistic gears, themed like a gigantic clockwork mechanism in the form of a tourbillon.

The design of the square, organised around the main building of the Sensorium Hall, continues the theming of time, with an amphitheatre and above it a decorative pergola more than 200 m long and a shape determined by the turning of a radius of more than 100, reminiscent of one of the springs of a clockwork mechanism. A colourful musical stage fountain around the monumental clock of the Sensorium Hall completes the public square. This fountain will offer performances of music and colour, in synchrony with the movement of the clock and the stylised chimes that will sound every hour in winter and every half hour in summer, 365 days a year.

We would like to congratulate the developers, designers, architects, builders and workers of this great architectural project. It only remains to add that, when completed, the 64-metre monumental clock that forms the Sensorium Hall will be larger than the Mecca Clock, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest clock in the world. In September 2022, when the concert hall is scheduled to open to the public, the Sensorium Hall will undoubtedly take its place in the Guinness Book of Records. Congratulations!