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A recent report published by and produced in collaboration with Do Not Disturb (“an international community for private travel and events dedicated to intimacy, sustainability and true exclusivity”) and Air Partner (“an international group providing aircraft charter and aviation safety and security solutions”), outlines a number of travel propositions with growing demand in the luxury and ultra-luxury segment. However, the publication notes that whilst exclusivity and seclusion has been and still is a common demand from the super-rich for their travel, “today, people of all incomes are looking for ways to holiday away from the crowds, within their own bubble of friends and family”. So, while many of the trends outlined above, which focus on exclusivity and privacy, are unattainable for the middle and lower income population, it is still possible to find alternatives to mirror the trend among this audience.

Nevertheless, Globetrender offers eight trends in its report:

Ocean getaways

What better way to enjoy privacy and exclusivity than holidaying or even living on a yacht? That’s what a growing number of millionaires think, as identified by Globetrender. With demand for offshore travel on the rise, many yacht owners and designers are working hard to create yachts and superyachts for charter with all the creature comforts and crew included. Prices start at €460,000 (about $540,000) per week. Another example of a response to this market is Anthénea’s floating cabins, with an asking price of €299,000 (just over $340,000).

Organised road trips

Some hospitality firms have begun to offer high-end road trips, with scheduled routes and stops, customised vehicles and continuous five-star assistance. In the examples given in the publication, rates range from €5,500 ($6,500) for three days per person, although there are more affordable options (around €900, or $1,000, for four days and two people).

Debuts in the use of private jets

Because of the pandemic, thanks to the safety and peace of mind offered by private jet flights, charter companies report a sharp increase in demand for their services amongst the younger generation, i.e. first-time users. (The report does not provide fares).

Bubble booking

Although only for millionaires, booking an entire hotel or resort, or even a private island, exclusively for family and friends is trending in this market segment and will be “in the next 12 to 18 months”.

The hotel as a home

Hotels and resorts, in their struggle to stay in the market, have in recent months created new concepts for staying in their facilities, with options such as self-catering and other special room services for long periods of time.

VIP airports

When it is not possible to hire a private jet, other options appear, such as, in this case, transiting through private terminals or, failing that, through airport fast lanes that avoid the crowds and stress of catching a commercial flight.

Residential reinvention

Rental platforms are innovating and creating “tempting offers” to respond to the increase in customers demanding retreats, whether rural or coastal, where they can spend longer, more secluded seasons with their loved ones.

Landscape cabins

Another initiative that aims to respond to this demand for stays in quiet and isolated environments, in this case from city dwellers, is the construction of “architecturally surprising” cabins, immersed in nature. The profusion of proposals suggests that “this is likely to be a long-term trend”.

The Globetrender report is extensive and offers much more detail. If you want to look further into the issue, we invite you to visit their website and download the report: REPORT.