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This month we’ve welcomed the collaboration of Alejandro González, Director of the Acua Water Park in Fuerteventura, Spain. During our chat, we touched on aspects related with the park’s history, safety and future of the sector.

“The waterpark Acua Water Park took the baton from the old Baku park, reopening its doors in April 2014 with completely renewed and refurbished facilities; the park’s 25,000 m² were maintained, allowing for a capacity of around 4,200 people.

Thanks to our arrangements with tour-operators in different countries, we have a largely tourist clientele. Furthermore, carrying out significant digital-marketing campaigns focused on this type of client, as well as having agreements with hotel chains on the island, are other initiatives that we undertake to strengthen these entry numbers. The remaining visitors are from the Canary Isles, both from Fuerteventura as well as other islands in the archipelago. To reach our local visitors, we have exclusive offers and promotions and for some years now we have a certain presence in the island’s media, as well as implementing specific digital-marketing actions.

Our park has a great variety of attractions, all of which are widely popular. Without a doubt, the steeper, adrenaline-inducing slides are those that triumph with the younger guests. The main lure for families with small children, are the soft slides and kids’ area. Yet, if there’s an attraction that causes true furore amongst all the park’s guests, it’s the wave pool.

Being the only park on the island is an advantage. However we work hard to position ourselves in regards to the other parks in the archipelago, so we can say that Acua Water Park’s greatest appeal is that it’s an ideal waterpark for all the family. Being a moderately sized park, the facilities provide that extra peace of mind for parents who come to spend the day with their children. What’s more, Acua Water Park is much more than just slides; our park offers guests an authentic experience. We organise different leisure activities and events throughout the season, so no one day is the same in Acua Water Park. In fact, in 2017 our leitmotif was coined as “Come and live the #Acuaexperience”.

On the other hand, one of the main things that our clients value in their opinions of the park, is the treatment they receive from our staff; always friendly and pleasant. This is another great difference in regards to the rest: we have qualified staff who love what they do and they put every effort into giving the best of themselves. And obviously, that results in a better experience within the park.

Apart from the attractions and rides, our visitors can find other services such as two eateries (Pool Bar and Self-service Restaurant). In our store, we also offer the possibility of taking away a souvenir of the park. Besides that, we offer a professional photography service so that clients can have a lovely reminder of their #Acuaexperience. Additionally, we have a direct bus service to the park (in Corralejo), from different points on Fuerteventura island.

Our work never really stops; each season starts just after the last one ends. Even before we finish a season, we’re already thinking of the different actions, tasks and novelties for the next one, taking into consideration of course, the previous year’s experience. We analyse what has worked and should be repeated, and what hasn’t and should be removed. And, of course, we evaluate the different actions that we’re still not undertaking and should plan for in the new season.

During the months of closure, evidently, an important part is getting the all the waterpark’s facilities ready, but also, all of those tasks that relate to the park’s promotion.

In regards to safety, we can say that it is the main pillar of our waterpark. We count on the best professionals, thanks to the agreements reached with expert safety and lifeguarding firms, specialised in the waterparks and swimming pools sector.

The world of waterparks is undoubtedly a fully consolidated sector in all tourist destinations. However, as in any sector, innovation and offering new attractions for clients should be a focus.

We’re aware that our waterpark is located in an idyllic environment with an annual average of 320 sunny days. We’re in privileged surroundings and our facilities are an alternative to Fuerteventura’s main appeal of sun and beach. Clearly, our aim is to keep growing: to widen both our target market and our offer of leisure activities within our facilities (new attractions, new activities, business diversification, etc.).
We believe we’re working in the right direction to reach our goals, taking good decisions and having the best team of people to make it possible.”