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From traditional camping tents to glamorous bubbles. A relatively recent holiday concept is a strong contestant in the offer of traditional accommodation. We’re talking about glamping, a portmanteau of “glamour” and “camping” which gives its name to luxury camping.

Under these premises, guests can enjoy a stay in natural surroundings, with all the amenities provided by a luxury hotel (air conditioning, plasma TV, meticulous decoration and even aquatic or wellness leisure areas).

This format opens up a whole range of possibilities for those nature lovers who aren’t willing to give up comfort and for those seeking luxury tourism at a cheaper price, or a more experiential type of tourism. This formula pleases everyone, from families wanting to enjoy direct contact with nature, to couples wanting to live the most romantic experience of their lives.

Within glamping, there are different types of accommodation that vary depending on the geographical area in which they are found: the same accommodation is not offered in a forest, as it would be in the desert or on the beach.

The luxury campsite immerses the guest in the woods through their cabins, their tiny houses or their striking tree houses, which children seem to love.

Also in a forest environment and even in open fields, we find the Native American type teepees or traditional tents, with wooden structures and cloth covers, as well as ordinary camping tents (without losing luxury details) or glamping caravans.

If we consider accommodation that is lesser-known, yet which seduces guests the most, the stars of the show are bubbles and dome houses; impressive facilities that have panoramic roofs to enjoy a starry night in deserts, beaches or mountains. Other accommodation that is proving successful are the well-known caves, but not at this level of comfort, which take advantage of their own geographical characteristics to provide maximum integration with nature in luxurious facilities.

The mix of nature and affordable comfort, is undoubtedly a highly effective combination and we’re likely to continue to witness its remarkable evolution in search of maximum experiential value.