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In recent decades, the offer of traditional camping sites has been transformed. In our newsletter we’ve followed some of these renovations, amongst which is a trend that continues to deepen, beyond adding complementary attractions and facility improvements. We’re referring to the glamping phenomenon. The name, a portmanteau of «glamour» and «camping», refers to an offer that combines the characteristics of a campsite stay, with the comfort that hotel rooms proffer. As well as the service advantages that these provide, being in contact with nature and the calm environment can also be considered as beneficial.

Glass capsules, tree cabins, marquees, or safari-type tents are just a few examples of the kinds of accommodations glampsites offer. Equipped with Wi-Fi, kitchens and appliances, bathrooms with all the mod-cons, television or even air conditioning, they are located in rural settings, on the beach or places of high natural and scenic value. They can also be associated with sports or adventure activities. At night, the stars in the sky replace the hotel stars.

Without a doubt, glamping is a form of accommodation that perfectly responds to tourists’ and travellers’ concerns and the latest trends in their demand for accommodation. On the one hand, it’s a sustainable and ecological option, with lower construction costs than those of a hotel room, with usual renewable energy sources and guaranteed treatment of water and waste. On the other hand, far from overcrowding, it offers excellent opportunities for nature lovers’ enjoyment, or for their relaxation which they can’t find in cities, allowing them to escape from the urban noise and pollution. In addition, they also provide an adventure factor, in line with growing expectations in this regard. They are also exotic destinations, somewhat unconventional, which provide ideal experiences to share on social media. Finally, given the variety of prices, between 50€ and 400€ per night, it’s affordable accommodation for a wide socio-economic spectrum of travellers.

The consulting firm Grand View Research, with a report that it published in September 2019, put figures to the growing trend in the demand for glamping lodgings. According to the study, the size of the worldwide glamping business was more than 1.8 billion euros in 2018, and projections indicate that it will reach, thanks to a compound annual growth rate of 12.5%, around 4.2 billion euros in 2025. According to this same report, Europe, the world region with the largest market share, will continue to lead the subsector, at least during that period.

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