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The Amusement Logic’s Design Department is working on an architectural project for one of its subsidiary companies, 3D Logic Future. This company has a sophisticated 3D modelling system that is applied to the manufacture of a wide variety of solid elements with infinite applications: figures of all kinds, surprising sculptures, decorative and thematic elements, façades, columns, mouldings, cornices and many other architectural components, logos and so on. The project presented here is the design of the façade of the 3D Logic Future headquarters.

With this new design, Amusement Logic proposes a façade that reflects the activity of the target company. So, instead of opting for a standard opaque conception, the design opts for a façade that openly communicates the work taking place inside the building. In this way, by means of graphics composed of the appropriate words in different sizes, the façade conveys a message that reflects the concepts that inspire the company. So, both the logo and the texts that define the 3D Logic Future brand play a decisive role in the creation of its external image. In the case of this design, the façade stands as a tribute to the key concepts that contributed to the joining of forces of a working team and the creation and development of the company.

The different sizes of the words and their particular arrangement in the design serve to materialise the linear aesthetic and compositional values. All these elements are integrated into both a balanced and dynamic composition. The façade conveys a clear message that reflects the work being carried out in the building, while at the same time acting as a decorative skin of aesthetic value. Ultimately, the use of words not only provides information related to the purpose of the building, but also symbolic meanings. The façade design therefore contributes to the 3D Logic Future company’s image and brand creation, and is important both in constructing the identity of its architecture and in identifying the occupant.