Published On: 07.07.2014|Categories: General News|

The concept of innovation is specifically used in the sense of new proposals, inventions and economic implementation. Strictly speaking, innovation can only be talked about when ideas are disseminated in the market, by way of new products, services or procedures.

In economics, it was Joseph Schumpeter who introduced this concept in his Theory of Innovation, in which he defines it as the establishment of a new function of production. The economy and society changes when production factors are combined in a novel way. This suggests that inventions and innovations are the key to economic growth and those who implement this change in a practical manner, are entrepreneurs.

The concept of innovation is also used in human sciences and culture. The investigative search for new knowledge, solutions or ways to solutions, involve pleasure and curiosity for renewal. The avant-garde and creative concepts become relevant in this context.
In the private sector, companies seek to differentiate themselves from competitors. It is here where innovation in ideas, products and services becomes highly important, with the purpose of offering added value and greater attractiveness. 21st century clients have become much more demanding. Innovation should be understood in each of its phases: from customer service and understanding of their needs, to the creation of personalized products and services.

In Amusement Logic, the concept of innovating not only consists in producing something good and acceptable for all, but in creating projects that offer unique solutions and experiences for everyone. This process involves combining design, architecture and engineering, adapted to the environment in which the project is set and generating economic impact and social relevance in its area of influence. We understand each project to be different, and as such, we give it a touch of distinction, personality and exclusivity that sets it apart from the rest. For this, we innovate creative, unique, practical and client-focused designs, using the latest available technology. This fusion between innovation and focus, has led us to be recognized worldwide.