Amusement Logic’s Design Department presents a new design that offers children a haven of calm and safety, but above all of play: a playful space enclosed in an egg-shaped capsule. A design for an entertainment space in which children can explore, invent games and develop their imagination: EggXplora, that’s what we have called it.

Placed in strategic locations such as high-rise lobbies and busy shopping areas, EggXplora is a unique structure in the landscape, distinguished by its playful, yet functional design. Its form symbolises comfort, tranquillity and the calmness of protection.

The interior design of the EggXplora play pod uses a palette of soothing white and beige colours, accompanied by soft pastel shades. The combination of tones provides the perfect backdrop for children to feel calm and be able to concentrate on their play activities.

The space is otherwise enveloped in soft surfaces, comfortable enough for children to play safely. The warm, diffused lighting prevents glare and creates a soft, enveloping atmosphere. Finally, the arrangement of toys and other decorative elements minimises risks.

By Belén Jiménez, designer in Amusement Logic’s Design Dept.