Published On: 03.04.2017|Categories: General News|

Japan YouTube theme park spa

The city of Beppu (Japan), revealed its plans to develop a Spa-amusement, a combination of a theme park and spa. The promotional video went viral on YouTube, thanks to the original way the project was announced.

The city’s Mayor appeared in the clip, proclaiming that if the video reached 1 million hits, then he would personally ensure that the idea became reality. The video reached nearly 3 million hits in only a few days.

In the 2-minute video clip, towel-clad men and women can be seen riding a carousel in bathing suits, there are shooting galleries with sauna and a spa-roller coaster.

Beppu city is located on the island of Kyushu, is already known for its abundant thermal waters and it is a popular tourist destination. It has more hot-springs than in any other part of the world, with 83,058 litres of water flowing per minute.

The details are yet to be confirmed, but it will be interesting to see the results of this ambitious and novel idea.