China is building the world’s largest science fiction theme park

The ‘Oriental Science Fiction Valley’ theme park, located on the outskirts of Guiyang (province of Guizhou), will be China’s first virtual park and the first park that will use virtual reality in all its attractions, immersing visitors into fantasy and science. Its construction will require the integration of virtual reality, augmented reality and holographic technology. It will have an area of 134 hectares in which different virtual reality rides will be distributed, such as virtual rollercoasters, futuristic space battles and interstellar alien voyages. Guests will even be able to enjoy bungee jumping from a 750-ton pure-steel, 53 m transformer robot. The park will also offer futuristic restaurants, shops and a hotel.

It’s set to open in February 2018 and reportedly cost $1,5 billion to build. It is located in one of the poorest and contaminated areas, but it is hoped the park’s presence will change this situation and give the area an economic boost.