Published On: 09.03.2015|Categories: General News|

Bioparc in Valencia, recognised by the famous travel website TripAdvisor as one of the 10 best animal parks in the world, was 7 years old on 28th February. It was a very special anniversary and to celebrate it, adults were offered entry tickets at kids’ prices during the whole of the month.

As well as criterion for saving, recycling and environmental responsibility through conservation and dissemination of knowledge, Bioparc was conceived an approach that was still innovative back then in the zoo sector: immersion in natural habitats.
Visitors can roam around its 100,000m2 without visual barriers, enjoying the stunning landscapes that recreate the African Savannah, the equatorial jungle, the Mount Elgon wetlands and the peculiarities of the island of Madagascar. All of which conveys the feeling of spending a few hours in the natural environments in which the lions, gorillas, lemurs or hippopotamus live.

The theming works were commissioned to Amusement Logic and as it located in our city, we are especially proud of the result. Most of our team members have taken their own kids to visit it and others have gone with school friends. They’ve seen babies born, they have enjoyed feeding the adult animals, some have even spent the night in Bioparc. When they’re older, maybe they can enjoy it from another point of view, as you can see in this video