Amusement Logic’s Design Department experiments with the design of giant animal sculptures. These are monumental decorative objects that instantly become the protagonists of a space, whether public or private. Their magnetism is eye-catching, as well as stoking the imagination of people of all ages. Their mere presence transforms any environment into a place associated with a visual and emotional experience. They are the Beastly Giants.

Beastly Giants are actually zoomorphic sculptures and, as such, they turn spaces in parks and public squares, gardens, shopping centres, museums or lobbies of corporate buildings into unique places. They do this in two ways; one purely visual, as focal points of attention, and the other sentimental, as arousers of emotions. Majestic elephants, fierce lions, birds, sea creatures… The thematic, formal and stylistic possibilities are endless for artists to explore without limits.

Beastly Giants, a design to attract looks and awaken emotions 02

In addition to their visual and emotional impact, Beastly Giants have an educational and awareness-raising purpose. They undoubtedly awaken a deep connection with animals and, indirectly, with biodiversity conservation, respect for wildlife and ecology.

Beastly Giants, a design to attract looks and awaken emotions 03

Beastly Giants are landmark sculptures in public places or leisure and tourism facilities, in urban and rural areas alike. Finally, they are expected to give rise to a multitude of photographs and videos that will be widely shared on social networks, among global audiences, and will achieve viral digital visibility.

By Nerea Iturbe, designer in Amusement Logic’s Design Dept.