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A great little project has caught our attention: it is the conceptual design of a public space for the small town of Megion, located on the right bank of the Obi River in the western part of Siberia, Russia. The project was one of those selected in the “Small Towns” competition organised by the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services for projects to upgrade historic settlements and towns with up to 100,000 inhabitants. It is a public park on the banks of the Mega canal, designed by the Russian architectural studio ISAEV Architects: Mega.Park. Of the park’s “all-season” designs and “unusual landscaping elements adapted to the harsh climate” of Siberia, we were struck by its simplicity and beauty, as well as the implementation of somewhat novel play elements.

Entering Mega.Park through one of the two entrances, you reach a square with a café at one end and a stage at the other. The Mega Café is a small kiosk topped by a canopy incorporating thermal “tanning” lamps for acclimatisation, designed with “aerodynamic” criteria to withstand the area’s strong winds. The small stage on the opposite side of the square allows for concerts and other shows and events. “Green islands” and “palm tree lamps” border the square on both sides and shape the landscaping design.

A little further on, as we move into the public park, is the children’s play area, “Play Collarium”. A tubular arch that ascends and descends over the terrain provides unity and connects the different elements of the playground. Windmills, an obstacle course, sandboxes, as well as balancing and climbing frames ensure fun for little ones. Adjacent to the children’s area, benches with canopies provide a place for adults to rest or chat while their children are having fun.

The public park culminates on the banks of the Megan Canal with elevated walkways, paths and rest and play areas. Some of the stops along the riverside promenade are protected from the weather and winds by special, properly oriented parapets. These embrace outdoor seating areas with benches and tables, lighting and connections for charging mobile phones. Various moving works of art, similar to windmills, transform wind energy into an “aesthetic spectacle” or even a “pleasant and extraordinary sound“. A series of kiosks with fireplaces and benches along the riverbank will allow users not only to enjoy barbecues and get together with friends and family, but also to warm up to combat the low temperatures of the cold seasons. In addition, at the points closest to the river, binoculars will be installed to enjoy the views over the water.

The project by ISAEV Arquitectos foresees the enjoyment of other activities for users, such as sports training or flying drones and kites. Additionally, the path layout has bicycle lanes, as well as a workshop for storage, maintenance and rental of bicycles. Everything necessary for Mega.Park to be considered “a modern public space on the riverbank”, as complete and simple as it is attractive. Bravo.