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The Seagate Shipyard, in collaboration with The Bahrawy Group, is in the middle of the construction of an exclusive project, unique in the world, in the context of the tourism and hotel sector in Dubai. It is a luxury floating resort that includes a hotel and 6 villas attached to it. With a cost of 134.7 million euros, the complex is expected to drop anchor in the Dubai Marina.

At the moment, more information is available about the villas than about the hotel itself. It has transpired that the latter will have a hydraulic system to compensate for the fluctuations caused by the waves. The villas, on the other hand, are configured over two 300 m2 habitable floors, and an upper floor or terrace, with a total of 900 m2. On the upper floor, inhabitants will be able to enjoy a glass-basin swimming pool. The first floor, consisting of 4 rooms with bathrooms, as well as living rooms, will have a glass floor allowing views of the sea floor. To add charm to the interior, the Aston Martin firm has been commissioned to design the furniture.

Designed to be sustainable and ecological, the villas will have an air purification system, be powered by solar energy and manage waste with a recycling system. The floating villas will be able to be separated from the hotel and navigate driven by engines. The Emirates-based entrepreneur Balvinder Sahni recently bought one of these villas, whose construction has already been completed, for EUR 4.49 million.

With the new floating resort, Dubai confirms itself as a place for experimentation and innovation in the tourism sector. You can find further information, and see the progress of the construction of the resort, in this video:

Sources: Gulf News, Seagate Shipyard.