Published On: 21.09.2021|Categories: General News|

Dubai is once again attracting international attention with a new water attraction that is unique in the world. The news about its imminent opening, as well as the admiration for its spectacular dimensions, which have already earned it a Guinness World Record, have followed one after the other in all types of media, specialised and non-specialised, and also on social networks. A few weeks after its presentation, almost everyone will have heard or read about Deep Dive Dubai. However, the reason why we are reporting on the attraction here is the exquisite design and theming work, as well as the precise, convincing construction carried out by the Binladin Contracting Group.

In addition to the astonishing numbers and the comprehensive facilities of the water complex, it is the design and theming that, in our professional assessment, offers visitors added value. In this respect, for the development of these two disciplines, we identified two guiding ideas: one that offers users a space for adventure, an objective that has undoubtedly inspired the darkest and most mysterious (and deepest) areas of the pool; and another that creates an environment for great humour and laughter, to which the other areas are dedicated. In fact, Deep Dive Dubai divers can play table football, make a (symbolic) phone call from an underwater booth, play chess or billiards in the depths, drive a top-of-the-range car or choose a book from a shelf to read among gentle whirlpools, or even (pretend!) to use a toilet under the water, or walk under an archway or…? It is probably this second more humorous approach that is the most innovative of those offered to the world by the Nad Al Sheba water complex.

In any case, both objectives ensure fun in the Deep Dive Dubai diving pool. Since 27th June 2021, this pool has officially been the deepest in the world, with a pool that penetrates the depths of the desert to 60.02 metres. The 14 million litres of water (or that contained in 6 Olympic swimming pools); or the filtration system inspired by one developed by NASA for its space programmes, one of the fastest in the world, with a 6-hour cycle and a filtering medium of siliceous volcanic rock and ultraviolet radiation; or the 56 submerged cameras to guarantee safety; or the hyperbaric chamber for 12 people; or the constant water temperature of 30º Celsius; or the restaurant with glass windows overlooking the swimming pool… All this contributes to making Deep Dive Dubai a unique aquatic diving centre. However, its design and theming make it a unique place in the world.

You can see it in the following official video: