Published On: 07.07.2016|Categories: Company News|

We would like to show you the design we’re developing for a Family Entertainment Centre. The project is being created inside a large warehouse of more than 3,000m2, so it will be able to operate year-through, whatever the weather.

The FEC represents a natural evolution of the old amusement parks that used to visit our towns in festive seasons. Some attractions are the same, (such as the carousel and bumper cars), whilst others are more modern, (like the pendulum boat or flume ride). But what makes this project exceptional is its theming.

Not only because we’re creating a unique environment that will make children’s imaginations soar and leave them with incredible memories, but it also permits us to demarcate areas by ages and activities and to hide unattractive structures. From the operator’s viewpoint, it allows for an increase in entry prices, a boost in internal consumption and differentiation from other competitors.

It is a project of which we feel especially proud, because of the aesthetic result we have achieved. This image speaks for itself.