Published On: 14.12.2021|Categories: Company News|

We have all seen in the movies how, during sweltering summers, children play and cool off in the street with fire hydrants. It would be better to go to a water park, but there is not always one nearby, or the time available. Amusement Logic offers an intermediate solution to meet this demand: the placement of small Splash Pads in children’s playgrounds in parks and other public places. After all, water (and with it water features) acts as a magnet for children.

In mild climates they can be kept in operation for at least six months. In other, warmer locations, all year round. With the addition of lights integrated into the floor, the small Splash Pad becomes an ornamental and decorative fountain. It is an unmonitored water attraction in the same way as the swings and slides found in public parks. In addition, the construction and maintenance costs are more than reasonable given its size, and can be borne by local councils, homeowners’ associations or developers. The idea is to offer a place for children where they can cool off in a way that is much more fun than simply dipping their feet in a fountain.

By Manolo Barberá, Head of Hydraulics in the Department of Architecture at Amusement Logic