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Throughout our existence, at Amusement Logic we have studied new technologies with the aim of applying them to our designs and creations. We’re currently investigating the construction possibilities of triangular modular panels made of lightweight plastic or metallic materials.

This system allows the creation of organic skins, (freeform skins), by joining triangular flat panels, connected through straight bars instead of curved molded elements. The former are more efficient, due to their simplicity, than the second fasteners. In this case, however, with triangular shapes we obtain curved-looking surfaces for the building’s skin. Since three points always generate a plane in a space, whereas four points don’t necessarily do this, it’s more efficient, versatile and simpler to use networks with triangular panels, instead of square ones.

This architecture project that we’re illustrating, on which we are currently working, incorporates this technology. As can be seen, its use gives it great freedom of forms. We often find structural solutions to architectural problems, which mean restrictions and barriers to creativity and freedom of design. It’s not the case with this building. Freedom when designing is a fundamental parameter from which creativity feeds. After all, architectural design is an art.