The conceptualisation of a leisure project

One of the most important points in a project’s preliminary design and conceptualisation phase, is it’s graphical representation. In this stage, although the project is in an early period of development, we must be able to transmit the final look of the object, creating a virtual project both from a perspective of layout and volume, as well as its theming and aesthetic components.

At Amusement Logic, we use a variety of techniques to communicate the true image of the project, whilst attempting to convey its philosophy, its personality and its theming peculiarity.

water park in ghana

One of the latest techniques used to achieve this objective, which by the way is no easy task, is to create high-quality virtual animations. Starting with a 3D model, through this sophisticated instrument we generate a high-definition animation or video that closely recreates in realistic detail, what the project will be like once it is built.

Our designers, modern alchemists, using the most advanced software, the most powerful hardware and developing specific textures and techniques, achieve really spectacular results, such as those we now invite you to enjoy, by clicking


Enjoy the show. Can’t you just imagine yourself walking around the finished park, racing down the slides and bathing in the wave pool?

waterpark in Ghana