Published On: 28.11.2017|Categories: Company News|

We are working on the architectonic design of a building destined to become the headquarters of a technological institute. The design process is following the architectonic postulates that advocate the implementation of a simple and economically-structured, functional building, which has a skin with symbolic, aesthetic and energy-saving functions. The surround proposed in this case is notable due to the aesthetically interesting optical effect it produces, as well as projecting the building’s scientific use and providing as already mentioned, climate-regulation mechanisms.

The façade defies the limits of spectators’ perceptions and it bestows three-dimensional volume to completely flat surfaces. In other words, we are using the psychology of perception with the aim of converting the flat faces of a prism into wavy three-dimensional surfaces, in an illusionary way.

The façade composes of four rectangular faces formed by a matrix of two-dimensional deformed circles, simulating a three-dimensional deformation, challenging spectators’ perceptual experiences on seeing it at different angles. The changing ambient lighting gives the building a changing appearance during the day. At night, the façade is equipped with LED lighting, programmed to provide different nocturnal and seasonal effects.