The building’s skin: Logistics infrastructure

We’re working on an architectural project of a logistics infrastructure; a latest generation distribution centre. It has a central volume occupied by different storage and goods management areas.

It consists of a central volume occupied by various areas of storage and merchandise management. This volume, built with the technology of a common industrial facility, offers a powerful visual image, in accordance with the status of the owner company.

This building’s skin, a unique and unmistakable sculptural volume of great plasticity, is represented by a series of serial vertical planes, in which each plane is a cross section of the volume. All the equidistant panels achieve torsion of their surrounds, through a variation of figure and size, without rotating on their vertical axis.

The equidistance of the component planes, allow total transparency from within and provide it with a plastic value from the outside. Its organic and dynamic façade contrasts with the orthogonal shapes of the entrance, which give way to a functional and efficient interior. From the main entrance a large hall over fifteen meters high can be seen, which serves as a meeting place for workers. The reception and the main vertical circulations are located here.

Finally, the façade has been designed to take on future expansion depending on the business’s growth needs, without the extension affecting the building’s design.