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We’re preparing an architectonic project based once more on the defence of functional and economic architecture, with a flexible and symbolic surrounding which we call the building’s skin. Our proposal incorporates two conceptual elements: the inclusion of vegetation and the aesthetic and harmonious equilibrium of the shapes that compose the skin. Furthermore, the building that will have academic use, has sustainable architectural features, designed on passive design strategies to reduce the building’s energy demands and with the aim of establishing a compromise between the architecture and the environment.

The Building’s skinv

The building’s façade is formed by small pieces that are evocative of the composition of an abstract work of art. The façade’s formal elements are sized and arranged harmoniously. The gaps generated in the composition materialise in arched surfaces that support landscaping.

The building’s orientation is optimised for breezes and natural ventilation. The interior courtyard of the enclosure facilitates the penetration of natural light throughout the whole building, whilst the planting provides shade. The architectonic garden reduces the cooling load in summer, shading the buildings, a green blanket effect that also reduces heating loads in the winter, by providing additional insulation.