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We’re currently working on the architectural project of a multi-use indoor space that includes, amongst other services, a sports courts, spa, rock-climbing walls and different areas of entertainment and physical activity. It is a modest and versatile container building; simple, functional and economical.

We need this building’s skin to be expressive and dynamic, with shapes that evoke movement and action without seeming fierce or unpleasant. After several tests, we hit upon a design that we found satisfying and which we are now sharing with you.

As for its design, this time we thought it convenient to take one step further; given the diversity of uses, why didn’t we make the building express itself according to the event held within it?

We contemplated using a LED lighting system with faded colours on the interior façade of the container building, which could change its tone according to the event that was taking place, or whose colour corresponded to the specific use in that area of the building. For example, blue colours indicating the sensation of relaxation in the Spa area, or warm colours on the facade next to the sports courts, if a match is being held.

We have also managed to control the investment costs, by avoiding high-cost structural shapes. As you can see in the images, the result is spectacular and elegant.