Published On: 28.11.2023|Categories: Company News|Tags: |

Water slides are essential structures for the entertainment experience and amusement of visitors in water parks. As a leading waterpark design, architecture and construction company, whether in hotels or resorts, shopping malls, campsites, or stand-alone attractions, Amusement Logic brings innovation not only to slides, but also to accessory elements such as, in this case, access towers or platforms.

In many cases, exit towers are considered an “aesthetic problem” in existing water parks, as they often stand out from the narrative that characterises them. However, Amusement Logic believes that the design transforms this apparent aesthetic obstacle into an opportunity. In other words, we shift the point of view to make access towers or platforms an iconic element that reinforces the waterpark’s image and attracts visitors, whether in hotels and resorts, shopping malls, campgrounds, or as a stand-alone attraction.

Although a number of functional and operational, structural and hydraulic, as well as thematic aspects condition the design of a slide access tower, Amusement Logic approaches it from a multidisciplinary perspective. One example is this avant-garde design, which we call Tensile Tower, for a new water park project.

By Jean Carlos Soto, Senior Structural Engineer in Amusement Logic’s Architecture Dept.