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This month’s façade system uses high-strength tensile nets to support and distribute lightweight panels around the building. These panels share the functions of decorative cladding and thermal insulation of their structure. The use of this system avoids the need for visible solid structural elements, giving the façade a lighter appearance.

The structural components that make up this façade system are among the most efficient ones, thanks to their strength and flexibility. Furthermore, the design possibilities offered by the panels and tensors that we propose are almost unlimited. At Amusement Logic we experiment with a wide variety of geometric designs for the enclosure, which allows us, together with the superimposition of panels on top of each other and their rotation, to create highly dynamic façades. This variety of possibilities is interesting as it allows for logical compositions, with geometric sense and elegance. This system becomes a method for discovering numerous solutions, which in turn offer greater possibilities for creativity.

The importance of our façade studies lies in their ability to offer a substantial improvement in aesthetics, as well as an efficient control of the entry of solar radiation. In addition, the latest advances in the evolution of lightweight and stable materials, available today, make the façades developed by Amusement Logic high performance systems that require little or no maintenance.