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“It was a long awaited moment for the people of Chaves and especially for the children“. This is how the northern Portuguese municipality refers to the inauguration of the Tabolado Children’s Park, a playground that, after 15 years, was in need of renovation. “With new, more modern and colourful play equipment in the shape of an apple or a dragon and swings, the park, located next to the Tâmega river, is an oasis of colour amidst the green”. This type of highly specialised, customised, unique project, with elements created expressly for their equipment, is one of Amusement Logic’s specific competencies. In the case of the Tabolado Children’s Park, it was the local authorities themselves who requested the creation of the dragon and the apple, so our collaboration involved  their design, manufacture and subsequent installation.

In fact, when it comes to recreational facilities, whether aquatic or dry, the size of the project doesn’t matter. We carry out our work with the same creativity, the same rigour and the same responsibility, because the result is what matters. Therefore, the quality and potential of the installation to produce smiles, fun and entertainment amongst its users, in this case the youngest children, is an absolute priority. And the same goes for safety, and the regulatory requirements of the place where each project is located, (Chaves, Portugal in the case of the dragon and the apple).

Created from our designs with our exclusive 3DTech modelling system, the dragon incorporates a slide and a climbing ramp for access. Children climb up to the dragon’s throat and through the dragon’s jaws as they slide down the slide. A section of the dragon’s body protruding above the surface of the park, as if it were a lake, and the tail, which holds a swing at its end, complete the ensemble. The apple, modelled in the same way, invites children to crawl through its lower opening. Both elements are integrated into the colourful fantasy environment, a cheerful space in which to spend entertaining moments, which encourages the imagination and psychomotor skills of its young protagonists.

You can enjoy the process and the views of the park in this  video: