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We are currently designing the uniquely shaped surround for a water park.

Using a modular system, it adopts a wavy outline evocative of Arabic geometries. Its undulating design allows the modulation of the interior-exterior space, creating a visual harmony with its surroundings and optimizing the building’s interior volume.

In the design of this surround, we have used parametric composition tools for shape-modelling. This project manages to elegantly combine very simple geometric shapes, with a complex organic ceiling.

Indeed, achieving elegance from the generation and rhythmic repetition of patterns is key in this type of designs. It should be remembered that the idea of ​​rhythm and repetition is part of the structure of the human mind and is demonstrated both in nature and in architecture.

Our building emerges from the land like a hill; it seems to belong to the place where it is set. Before the main entrance, a visor with stylized arches transmits a feeling of refuge and shelter against the elements. From the outset, visitors perceive feelings of safety and protection.

The creative possibilities of this type of patterns, colours and textures together with the key ideas of proportion, harmony and rhythm, allow us to create buildings that offer sensations of serenity and magnificence, whilst housing open and liveable spaces.