Amusement Logic has successfully completed the preliminary design, basic design and executive design stages of an indoor aquatic complex and a Splash Pad, which will form part, once built, of the Sunpark Yixing Academy Resort, in the city of Yixing, in the Yangtze River Delta in the south of the province of Jiangsu, China. The estimated investment for the entire resort is 1 billion euros, and it will be developed in 3 phases, on a total area of 1.85 million m2. The executive project prepared by Amusement Logic for the construction of the family-focused themed aquatic areas, will form part of the first two phases.

In the first phase, Sunpark Yixing Academy Resort will occupy an area of 195,000 m2, on which 144 villas and flats will be built, of which 3,000 m2 will be dedicated to commercial facilities, all set in lush greenery. One of the many leisure and entertainment facilities in this first phase will be a 750 m2 Splash Pad, which forms part of the executive project provided by Amusement Logic and whose design has been approved and accepted by the client.

In its second and most extensive phase, the large resort plans to extend its surface area by a further 1.12 million m2, which will include the 8,500 m2 indoor aquatic facility designed by Amusement Logic. In a climate-controlled environment, at a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius 365 days a year, it will feature tropical vegetation, as well as an adult pool and a children’s pool. The designs include the architecture, with the interior design and service spaces, as well as the theming, which consists of the integration of the space with artificial rocks, as well as a series of friendly and welcoming animal figures, created exclusively for the resort. Frogs, fish, a chameleon, a turtle, are some of the characters that give the environment a playful character.

As in all the projects we undertake, for the designs of the Sunpark Yixing Academy Resort, we have kept in mind the importance of creating as much diversity as the land and its layout will allow, while still providing provisions for future expansion of the leisure and entertainment complex and strictly adhering to local laws and customs. The facility offers adequate capacity for its potential market and moreover, active and passive safety is as always a top priority. Finally, in order to contribute to profitability, we always design such projects in such a way that operating costs are kept to a minimum.