Amusement Logic’s Design Department is currently working on an experimental floating house design; the result: Snowy Cottage. It is a work of architecture based on advanced engineering, which stands out for its design in the shape of an inverted isosceles triangle. This triangle rises above the surface of the water and is the source of an almost emotional experience.

Clean lines form the minimalist design of the white Snowy Cottage. A construction of metal and glass ensures its durability. Walls of glass open to natural light, which floods the interior with light and opens it to the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Located on a lake between snow-capped mountains, this floating house, gently swaying on the ripples of the water, becomes a haven of peace. The reflections in that same water and the mountains in the background produce a dreamlike setting, perfect for those seeking to escape urban life and immerse themselves in nature.

By Nerea Iturbe, designer at Amusement Logic Design Dept.