Published On: 07.08.2016|Categories: Company News|

Scuba diving was born as a military skill (Assyrians, Greeks and Romans), it burst onto the media scene as a male-dominated spectacle (remember Cousteau or James Bond) and has become popular in recent years thanks to certification organisations such as PADI, NAUI or SSI.

Today it welcomes all ages, physical capabilities and genders, women now represent 30% of the market. Worldwide, there are an estimated 6 million certified divers and numbers continue to rise.

Even so, it’s still an activity that is relatively expensive and cumbersome (like skiing where special equipment is needed), and inaccessible (you have to travel far to see interesting things under the sea). Moreover, the best destinations are usually in conflicted areas (Red Sea) or associated to meteorological risks (Caribbean). And environmental problems appear with massification: the coral reefs, already under pressure from human activity, cannot take on any more divers.

This is why we are proposing the ScubaSchool: artificial underwater worlds near source markets in cities such as London, Berlin, New York or Beijing. ScubaSchoolrepresents a reliable and to-scale recreation of underwater seascapes, that allow any person to learn and practice diving techniques safely and near to home.

Children can become initiated; certified divers can practice at any time of the year so they don’t forget what they’ve learnt; experts can widen their knowledge with night-dives or specialist dives. ScubaSchool can also welcome disabled people, for whom diving can be a highly beneficial activity.

We have the concept developed and we can adapt its configuration, dimensions and content to different market situations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.